Thu Dec 8 2022  

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 Ural 13 Records
Freezie Freekie - Data Sink EP - Satamile 10 

Described as "fantastic" by Scape One himself, this tenth production from Satamile camp is a truly winner! Coming from out of Brooklyn in N-Y suburbs, Andrew A. Price's latest discovery and signing Freezie Freekie delivers a two ravaging electro cuts Ep, ranging from dancefloor burner to muffled sweetness. On A side, "Flow", no doubt one of 2003 future classics, combines perfectly hard bassline and heavy New-Wave inspired synthesisers. Awesome! On the flip, "Slow Decay" offers beautiful and spacey strings with deep rhythm. A instrumental and rich EP full of melodies, unique in its originality and totally controlled. Essential!
Nexus 6, 13/02/2003 12'' electro

Data Sink EP