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Electro CLUST
Discogs: the ultimate database about electronic music 

Started more than three years ago by Kevin Lewandowski (USA), has become a web site that can't be ignored by all people who are searching for the discography of an artist or label. Dedicated to underground electronic music, it compiles now thousand references thanks to its updating system which is based on contributions done by users. Even if it's not new, this system is great because everybody can complete the database in various ways, for example by listing his own record collection or by submitting his wantlist. And this is a nice way to contact other people who have the same musical tastes as you. Users' comments and links allowing to switch from an artist to a label, and inversely, are features more than useful. And if anything matched your search, the forums are waiting for you with many questions & answers posted each day. If you don't know Discogs already, check it and you'll see that it's simply essential!
Ludo, 19/01/2004