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Electro CLUST
Exzakt - Reworked And Remixed - Monotone U.S.A 06 

Exzakt re-examined and corrected by the crème of present time electro producers, this is what Monotone U.S.A sixth production offers us today. By waiting for their next EP to be published soon on Larry McCormick's label, Jimi The Genius and Ash Rock from Hydraulix (Kuad Recordings, Touchin' Bass) revisit on A side "Clarity" (taken from BFP 01) in... read more
Nexus 6, 16/08/2006 12'' electro

Reworked And Remixed
Binder Vs. Lambart - Spectrum EP - Northbeatz Audio 06 

Sixth release of the techno label launched in 2005 by Michael Lambart also known as Klopfgeistsyndikat. Author of a young but strong discography on Mental breakdown, Apwood Recordings, Giant And Dwarf or even Ex-fusion, the German artist signs here two cuts of this four tracks EP completed by Chris Binder (Rotation, Holzplatten, Cluster, Primal... read more
Nexus 6, 15/08/2006 12'' techno

Net Adikted EP
Manasyt - Atlantis - Bunker 56 

Initiated by guy Tavares's legendary label Bunker Records from Holland, "Robot Dystopia" is a series of limited vinyl's (only 350 copies) turned into a dancefloor but experimental electro. What was more natural than entrusting to Petar Tassev aka Manasyt, who showed his musical brutal unealthy talent on labels such like Touchin' Bass, Roulette... read more
Nexus 6, 14/08/2006 12'' electro

Dynamik Bass System - Robotmachine EP - Monotone U.S.A 05 

DBS confesses that this release contains enough sub-bass to damage your speakers. And if you follow productions of this band formed by its leader T. Werner associated with his fellow partners S. Gezgin and Dj FRZ, you'll probably not be surprised by the warning. Author of a succinct but vital discography on labels such like International Deejay... read more
Nexus 6, 10/08/2006 12'' electro

Robotmachine EP
Scape One - Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics EP - Southern Outpost 12 

In the Kangaroos country, to jump means Southern Outpost! Launched in 1998 by underground Djs Patrick Wacher (aka Agent Patrick or The Sentinel), Philip Chan and Daniel Horth, the brilliant Sydney located dancefloor label witnesses of the deep relationships established between the three founders and their homologous from Detroit (U.R, Submerge).... read more
Nexus 6, 09/08/2006 12'' electro

Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics EP
V/A - Split 2 EP - AI Records 15 

In nearly forty releases (EP and LP melted), AI Records (for Area Industries) has managed to set up strong footbridges between electronica, downtempo, IDM, electro or experimental musical styles. Thanks to a pool of talented artists such like Claro Intelecto, Confutatis, Yellotone and FZV, motivated by a reel innovative artistically approach, the... read more
Nexus 6, 08/08/2006 12'' electro

Split 2 EP
Bass Kittens + Single Cell Orchestra - Easy Money EP - Pretension 06 

Temporary change of musical course for Jon Drukman and Justin Maxwell's label. After five new school oriented electro outputs, Bass Kittens (Mephisto, Spinyl Records, Pretension) and Single Cell Orchestra (Astralwerks, Asphodel, OMW) pay this time tribute to early 90's Chicago Acid House. With "Easy Money" (declined also on the flip in its... read more
Nexus 6, 07/08/2006 12'' electro

Easy Money EP
Sol_Dat - Excession EP - [k]rack-troni[k] 11 

If you follow Krack-tronik's productions, you can't have missed this explosive band! Discovered in 2001 with the audacious "Bass Dimension EP", signed at that time as Fanghsi, Ian Sherwen (aka 8-Bit Apocalypse) and Neil McAuley (Dj Madjack) have since then collaborated on brilliant projects for labels such as Breakin', Hymen Records and Remote... read more
Nexus 6, 04/08/2006 12'' breaks

Excession EP
Dr. Futurist - Siphon (The Synthetic Prometheus) - Science City 25 

Follow up to the vibrating "The Complete Gamma Function EP" published in 2004, "Siphon (The Synthetic Prometheus)" offers us to get a glimpse of the 27th century sound. Back on the Leipzig label under a pseudo he already tested on Tomorrow Records, master of synthetism Kurt Baggalaey signs again a 12'' equal to his reputation. Digest of mechanic... read more
Nexus 6, 03/08/2006 12'' electro

Siphon (The Synthetic Prometheus)
V/A - Electro Endeavours Volume 1 - B.F.P 01 

Michael Spencer promises a series of exceptional compilations to be released on his very young label Bass Frequency Productions. And considering the quality of the first output, we can fully trust him! Featuring artists of Monotone USA Records and Nu Illusion, "Electro Endeavours Volume 1" delivers four sonic explosions, in the forefront of... read more
Nexus 6, 02/08/2006 12'' electro

Electro Endeavours Volume 1
NIN - Exzakt Remixes - NVE 01 Ltd 

At the forefront of the Californian alternative rock scene, Gothic band Nine Inch Nails has made for itself a sulphurous reputation since 1988 thanks to the violent melodies and modern themes such like religion, system reject or self-destruction pushed by its charismatic leader Trent Reznor. At the moment in a long US tour, let's listen to the... read more
Nexus 6, 01/08/2006 12'' electro

Exzakt Remixes
Dark Vektor - Net Adikted EP - Drivecom 06 

Ivan Arnau (Djax Up Beats, Omniamm, F.B.I Recordings) strikes back on Boris Divider's label! After a remarkable participation on the "Micro Driver" project, the Spanish artist signs a complete 12'', in the prolongation of his previous "My Left Side EP", published lately on Dona-Li Records. Rich in melodies, "Net Adikted" delivers three magnificent... read more
Nexus 6, 17/07/2006 12'' electro

Net Adikted EP