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New online record shop :!! 

Some of you already know Plak, the minimal / IDM oriented label based in Geneva and managed by our friend Chaton. After 8 EPs done by new talented producers like Hrdvsion, Donnato Dozzy, Lee Van Dowski, Agnès, Nhar and Chaton & Hopen, Plak's notoriety is growing and growing. For a matter of fact, Dominik Eulberg has selected one track for his last mix: "Kreucht & fleucht" on Mischwald. But let's talk about the website, offers the possibility to buy Plak releases of course but not only as we find also many other records sounding minimal, IDM, house, electro & techno. The best Swiss labels are listed (Cadenza, Bruchstuecke, P45, Phictiv, Num, Sthlm,...) and of course well-known and unknown US or German labels... This shop will probably never become as big as Nuloop or Desks if we only speak about number of weekly news. On the other hand, it is more focused on quality. Simply check the Classic or Catalogue pages to make your own opinion! Another thing which is original on this website - but sometimes reserved to richer of you is the possibility to buy full packs like for example all Basic Channel / Maurizio releases, a Theo Parrish pack or also series dedicated to Jeff Mills... As Atome took part in its development, we would be more than really happy if this shop becomes a reference, especially in Switzerland since it is the first one of that kind in this country (yes, really!). So as you probably understood, we strongly recommend this website and we suggest you to check it each week to discover last news and the top 5 selected by Chaton!
Ludo, 23/10/2005