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Kapital New York City : Around the world, around the world... 

"Global Techno" in a audiovisual version ??!! Released on January the 22nd, Kapital New York City carries on where essential French bible from Jean-Yves Leloup, Jean Philippe Renoult and Pierre Emmanuel Rastoin, stopped four years ago. In a Deluxe packaging including two CDs, one DVD plus a fold out page, this guide immerses you into New York cosmopolitan universe. A musical and initiatory travel into the depth of electronic sounds with graffiti and urban signalling in the background where, no doubt, creators of this project, Aurélie Damase and Fabrice Traverse (Suite 303), teamed up with Mike Guimond (ULM electro, a Universal sub-division), took care of being as much exhaustive as possible. From Disco to electro-punk, new wave, pop, abstract, dub, the twenty four tracks that appear on the double CD offer a large panel of the actual electronic production, featuring Adult, Tuxedomoon, Green Velvet, Kitbuilders, Meat Beat Manifesto or Techno Animal feat. Toastie Taylor, while the movie introduces you during a hour into main visuals of this megalopolis. As about the multimedia side of Kapital, a website, opened recently, delivers useful addresses (pubs, clubs, shops, cinema) if you are to visit the Big Apple soon. Instructive, bizarre, graphically colourful, this NY trip should begets others. Next visited towns : Berlin, Tokyo and Londres.
Nexus 6, 24/02/2002

Kapital New York City