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Corrado Izzo interview - Gadgets 

Awaiting the release of new Gadgets album 'On Earth', we were talking to Corrado Izzo, a man who finds time to make great music beside all his activities with ELP. Here's what he had to say regarding this album and the Gadgets...

- Atome : Tell us something about your co-operation with Tatu Metsätähti. What makes his influence on this album ?
- Corrado Izzo : Tatu is one part of the Mr. Velcro project which is musically a different orientated project. I know him since quite some time and many times there was the discussion to go to the studio and produce something together. After hearing a few basic musical thoughts on a new direction that he was trying out we decided to put the forces together and produce an album which would bring together our very similar vision of down to earth listening electronic music . Working with him was a pleasure as we were consciously directing the ship in the same direction. The work in the studio was really effective.

- A. : How does 'On Earth' differ from previous releases by Gadgets ? Does it mean your music is taking new directions ?
- C. I. : On earth is rather more a milestone in the sense that it is incorporating musical ideas of the past of gadgets which is more orientated to create atmospheric slow grooving music. On earth the title is more related to the fact back to the roots and also inspired a lot of just nice and good emotions. This is what this album is meant to be just something that gives you some good emotions. That's why it is so atmospheric and roomful. You know in the beginning I saw the music as a cure, as a refugium more for myself... it was my world, my "earth". When I started playing in clubs and events I was just sharing this world with others and I was not alone anymore on this planet. With every gig the people just gave me new influences. I learned so much by playing out to the crowd it changed myself and the music. So the album is there to create an emotion on how it was and at the same time it represents a milestone as gadgets will go to new directions and the music will change after that - yes.

- A. : How this album fits into live performance ? I think everyday and relaxing music is prevailing on it.
- C. I. : The music fits into life and not into playing live. For certain some of the tracks are present in the live performance but not in the same format as on the album. Their influence is there and present but it is transformed into something with a different energy.

- A. : 'On Earth' sound is more mainstream than your previous records.
- C. I. : Well, thank you.

- A. : How do you feel about commercial and underground music ? Does 'Gadgets' fit into any of those two kinds ? Should music be categorised at all ?
- C. I. : I think it's not a question of categories, at least I am not putting my opinion in those definitions. For me there is music which is a form of language at the base of the whole thing. Now I can talk a very individual language which can be understood by just a few people and I can talk a more simple essential language which is understood by a very large group of people. That's the difference regarding to the success of a production. Now the best thing that can happen and should be worked towards is that your language gets understood by as many people as possible. See it from another corner, don't you think that it is more difficult to produce a successful commercial (as you call it) production which many people have access to, than to produce something that in the first place you produce in order to satisfy your own individual believes ? There is some pop music out there which I like a lot. There is people that fulfilled the challenge of being for the masses and still keeping the originality in their songs. I admire how strong these personalities are sometimes in getting their thing done and how hard they work to reach this goal. So as a conclusion I think the question of categories is not the question. I see it more from the viewpoint how hard you work to get your point out and how many people will listen to your opinion - but doesn't matter what you do, you need to work hard.

- A. : Describe the difference between On/Off and Gadgets labels releases.
- C. I. : The On-Off series is to be played on the dancefloor, the labels releases for me were there to create emotions of a different kind.

- A. : What does future carry for Gadgets and its philosophy ?
- C. I. : The art and essence of it, all is to be happy with what you've got. At the present moment I will follow this goal also for the future - musically and generally I will produce what makes me happy and I will be happy if there is people that like what I am doing. I just can put my heart to it.
Lesha, 20/05/2002

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