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Bass Frequency : Miami Bass 1999 - 2001 

If you never heard about Miami Sound, here's a good way to fill your gap. Built up like a underground video, "Bass frequency" casts new, fair and contemporary light of on one of the most prolific scenes worldwide. Not only Dynamix II, Jackal & Hyde, Phoenecia, Wreck, Omar Santana but also Otto Von Schirach, Richard Devine or Afro-Rican give free rein to their talent under the look of an admirer and curious camera. Produced by Miami based Iris Cegarra, this fifty two minutes offers alive testimony upon the roots and influence of this rich musical movement often imitated in Europe. From Florida sunny beaches to obscure clubs, this underground documentary brings us into unique and mainly nocturnal musical runs, with a constant effort to replace artists into their daily life, backstage, on party, at the studio or in car. Out of focus shots, audio interferences, brutal cuts add the movie rhythm and emergency nature. Only available in the US original version, this infiltration into the heart of men and machines, breakdance demos and audio snippets in the background, expects a follow up called "Electro - DISKA:M.I.A. 2001 - 2002" in 16 mm and super8 format and will feature interviews of Anthony Rother, Exzakt, Tipper, Carl Finlow, Adult, Transparent Sound, Uprock and The Hacker. This enterprise has to be supported and acclaimed! If you need further information, simply contact Iris at
Nexus 6, 24/06/2002

Miami Bass 1999 - 2001