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Interzone Records Electro Alliance
Sol_Dat - Excession EP - [k]rack-troni[k] 11 

If you follow Krack-tronik's productions, you can't have missed this explosive band! Discovered in 2001 with the audacious "Bass Dimension EP", signed at that time as Fanghsi, Ian Sherwen (aka 8-Bit Apocalypse) and Neil McAuley (Dj Madjack) have since then collaborated on brilliant projects for labels such as Breakin', Hymen Records and Remote Audio. For a long time resident at Birmingham located club "House Of God", the two UK artists return to Sir Real's label to deliver a 12'' close to the sound they have developed live under their Sol_Dat alias. Inspired by John Carpenter's style, "Excession" opens the A side with a powerful electro rhythm reinforced by strident distortions, some muffled lyrics and a tense but delightful analogue layer. Maintaining the pressure, "The Primitive Way" pays a feverish tribute to the legendary LFO thanks to an industrial slaughter marked by a vibrating vocoder (S.O.L.D.A.T!) and wonderful acid loops. Superb! On the reverse, the obscure "Alphabet valley" pushes into more hostile lands, combining with skill 2-step and breaks influences. At last, "Guild Report" reuses the Dune theme for a conclusion with hallucinating atmospheric strings. A real cross-over between numerous musical registers (from Breakbeat to Chicago House), this perfectly orchestrated release will satisfy lovers of rough electro. Excessively excellent!
Nexus 6, 04/08/2006 12'' breaks

Excession EP