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France Techno
Scape One - Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics EP - Southern Outpost 12 

In the Kangaroos country, to jump means Southern Outpost! Launched in 1998 by underground Djs Patrick Wacher (aka Agent Patrick or The Sentinel), Philip Chan and Daniel Horth, the brilliant Sydney located dancefloor label witnesses of the deep relationships established between the three founders and their homologous from Detroit (U.R, Submerge). After Dj K-1 (Direct Beat, 430 West, Puzzlebox Records) and Shadow People aka Digitek (Databass, Motor City electro Company), the Australian structure teams up with Scape One (Pnuma, Science City) for an analogical five cuts EP with 80's retro funk influences. "Interplanetary Transfusion" opens A side with a wonderful downtempo introduction made of vintage synthesizer melodies without beat. To bring closer to "Elixir Of Life", Anthony Rother's sumptuous ambient album on Fax Recordings. Looking back to the roots of electro, "The Star Fraction" combines to nostalgic old school drums stirring 808 tonalities. A future classic in the UK artist discography. In a more experimental register, "Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics" mixes abstract rhythm to industrial layers for a high darkness result. "Cosmic Waves" goes on with a frantic electro marrying percussion, Sci-Fi distortions and groovy bubbling. At last, "Cyclotronic Mass" offers as a conclusion a subtle cross-over between high-tech electro and hip hop. Full of melancholic futurism, this 12'' is no doubt the most complete releases from Kurt Baggaley. VITAL!
Nexus 6, 09/08/2006 12'' electro

Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics EP