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Ronny Priest - Tracked Romance - Forte 13 

One more time, Christian Morgenstern label welcomes a new talented producer. This time, it's Ronny Priest, a Playstation and game-computer musician. Working with its computer only, he shows that it's not necessary to own a lot of music gear to produce good tracks. "Tracked Romance" (pt1 above all) will remember the old good time of German techno "rave" hits that were both powerful and hypnotising. This 10 minutes longplayer doesn't need to be mixed : once it's put on the turntable, the crowd will be captivated by the mental side of this title full of sounds which never stop going up ! This two cuts can be compared to the best tracks of Richard Bartz, Christian Borée or Christian Morgenstern of course... Essential !
Ludo, 05/11/2001 12'' techno

To listen :
  - Ronny Priest :   Tracked Romance pt1  realaudio 
  - Ronny Priest :   Tracked Romance pt2  realaudio 

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Tracked Romance