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 Forte Records
The Best of Forte Rec. Part 1 - It's not just about skiing - Forte 10 

Here's a good opportunity to schuss down into Forte Records universe !!! Mixed by one of the best electronic music specialists, Maral Salmassi, owner of Konsequent and creator of, a well known on line records store in Germany, this first compilation covers all the releases (thirteen to date) from this eclectic label based in Kohln and launched in 1998 by Christian Morgenstern. Blues, blacks, reds or yellows, those seventeen run taken from this brilliant CD give the artists discovered on Kanzleramt more than his due with eleven fine productions. Under an avalanche of atmospheres, featuring famous artists Ed DMX, Codex & Flexor, Richard Bartz or Alter Ego to name a few, "It's not just about skiing" offers an exhaustive musical panel passing through anguish "Little Green Apples" to Detroit style "Baxter's Mind", spacey "Tracked Romance" from Ronny Priest or worldwide techno hit "Total Destruction Johannes Heil Remix". Without forgetting of course retro tracks that built up Forte reputation thanks to "Night Of The Living Death Part 4.", a very Amiga inspired version by Morgenstern, or disco tune "Total Destruction" by Ural 13 Diktators. Romantic, melancholic, gipsy or groovy, this retrospective should satisfy lovers of electronic powder snow. Only one regret : a lack of unreleased material to practice the musical outrun. The vinyl version contains eight remasterised tracks. Have a good slide !
(original publishing date: 12/02/2002)
Nexus 6, 23/06/2003 CD techno

It's not just about skiing