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Electro CLUST Forte Records
Codec & Flexor - The Remixes - Forte 15 

Do you remember Forte 12 by the electro pop duo Codex & Flexor ? Here are the remixes before their new album planned to next September. On the side A, The Bikini Machine (Forte) deliver a techno "Crazy Girls Teatron mix" dedicated to the dancefloor : driving synth bass arpeggios, vocals perfectly repeated, killer strings... a future hit for sure !! On the side B, Alexander Kowalski (Kanzleramt) demonstrates one more time how he's talented with this tech' house "Break of Down mix" : rounded bassline & pumpin' rhythm, some strings & effects, "Getting Bigger" samples and of course his usual funky & groovy touch. This EP is also introducing new artists on the German label : Maru & Comix (PocketGame). The duo takes "Breakbout" to a new quiet and nostalgic version, especially thanks to their sounds that seem to come from old amiga modules (.mod). Highly recommended : check it on Forte web site that is still growing and getting better.
Ludo, 17/05/2002 12'' techno

The Remixes