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 Electro Alliance the exclusive electro shop! 

Closed one year ago, the Electro Alliance online store has reopened its doors on September the 12th of 2005. Besides a quite successful lifting, the shop located in USA has changed its identity without forgetting its main objectives. Called from now on, the site offers to gather altogether the last international electro releases in... read more
Nexus 6, 08/03/2006
New online record shop :!! 

Some of you already know Plak, the minimal / IDM oriented label based in Geneva and managed by our friend Chaton. After 8 EPs done by new talented producers like Hrdvsion, Donnato Dozzy, Lee Van Dowski, Agnès, Nhar and Chaton & Hopen, Plak's notoriety is growing and growing. For a matter of fact, Dominik Eulberg has selected one track for his last... read more
Ludo, 23/10/2005
Darkbeat: the musical time machine! 

Coming directly from Mi Chica Mi Chico Force and 3GZ Productions studios, here's Iris B. Cegarra's third movie! Having explored the prolific scene of Florida on "Bass Frequency" in 2001 and introduced all the musical forms of electro on the highly acclaimed "Electro Dziska" DVD two years later, "Darkbeat" now follows the steps of the Top current... read more
Nexus 6, 23/10/2005

Interview Umwelt - Satamile / Kommando 6 / Shelter - Lyon - FR 

Because he witnessed the genesis of the electronic music in France, Umwelt has formed with the passing of the years his very personal and characteristic sound. First hexagonal artist to sign on Satamile, the Rhône Alpes based producer, author of a already consequent discography, retraces for us his exemplary musical journey and unveils his... read more
Nexus 6, 19/09/2005

Simply Vinyl: death to the CD's! 

Nostalgic of the Smiley era, of the Hacienda parties in Manchester or the very first Universe raves, this label is for you! Specialized for four years in the vinyl re-edition of dance anthems ranging from Rock'n'roll to Funk, while passing by Disco, Rap and Acid Music, the independent London based company Simply Vinyl (S12) offers a vertiginous... read more
Nexus 6, 04/04/2005

Simply Vinyl