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Hacker : the videos !!! 

After the album, here come the movies !!! As he did on "Biomechanik" and "LCP: The Remixes" releases, Anthony Rother has entrusted Rafael Jimenez Heckmann (Fuku.Org / Ex-Dare Art) task of inscribing on screen two tracks taken from "Hacker", last opus from the electro genius published in June on Psi49net. Far away from previous clips showing laboratory experiments or Legoland animations in a Commodore style, "Die Macht" and "Hacker" introduce a dark and futuristic high-tech production inspired by Tron, Fifth Element and Matrix. Due to TV broadcasting, original songs have been modified a little bit. They keep anyway the maestro touch. Let's judge by yourself !
 . Hacker - RealVideo 9 - 56k dialup
 . Hacker - RealVideo 9 - dsl / cable
 . Die Macht - RealVideo 8 - 56k dialup
 . Die Macht - RealVideo 8 - dsl / cabl
Nexus 6, 26/08/2002