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Weetamix parties + birthday - december 2003 - Geneva - CH 

Like previous months, December line-up of famous Geneva club was quite perfect so let's review some of these parties. Friday December 12 was an important date for the Electro Musical Research. Weetamix was receiving Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos, the two most influential scientists / musicians of now. A very coherent ping-pong set by these artists who bring on their own way sounds toward new & wide horizons. Their minimal sessions never got boring during the night and their act simply invited us to watch them and to dance! A clear complicity between the two magicians. Awesome!
The day after, Saturday 13, two ladies where playing behind the desks. The night was perfectly launched by lovely Water Lilly with an electro techno sound. Then, Miss Kittin continued with an excellent set maybe less electro but rather oriented German mental techno. Although she was a little disturbed by some of her fans, the French DJ showed, as usual, a great technique and judicious vinyl choices.
December 19th, we had again an exceptional Friday thanks to Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. After a nice warm-up by Weetamix owners, Dimitri & Delphine, the room was ultra full of people to welcome one of the minimal techno masters. With as many ease with traditional desks as with Final Scratch, Richie rock the dancefloor with a beautiful set. By using many styles like tech / house, electro, techno and adding organic & aerial sounds coming from his own minimal style, the crowd got crazy. A sounding fireworks offering groovy loops, a pure happiness. Bravo Mister Hawtin.
So year 2003 should end perfectly since Daniel Bell has been chosen to celebrate New Year ! And regarding January forthcoming program, it's simply exceptional because Weetamix has 10 years, yes 10 years! Saturday 3, we'll have pleasure to meet some "regular visitors": Ellen Allien, Michael Mayer and Thomas Brinkmann. The next Saturday, January 10th, Andrew Weatherall and Swayzak will celebrate this birthday with Delphine & Dimitri. See you there!
Thierry F (Original-Prod) & Ludo, 30/12/2003

Weetamix Birthday 1994-2004

Richie Hawtin

Water Lilly

Miss Kittin

Water Lilly & Miss Kittin

Richie Hawtin