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Savas Pascalidis interview - Lasergun / UFO / Gigolo - DE 

Savas Pascalidis is a very successful DJ / producer from Stuttgart / Germany. Inspired by his Greek father who was a DJ, he got involved in DJing in the mid 80's; starting with disco, funk and house, and moving on to acid, house and techno at the eve of the 90s, he succeed in being one of the leading dance music artists in Germany. After many releases, remixes and appearances on other labels, he decided to create his own record label in 1999. Five years after its first release, Lasergun is probably one of the most influential electro techno labels in Germany. From Berlin, where is Lasergun's base since 2002, Savas takes a minute to talk about his past, present and future.

- Atome: When did you start DJing / producing music, and what was your musical background before that?
- Savas Pascalidis: I started in 1983 buying records, in 1986 I started learning mixing and I bought my first turntables. I was playing disco, funk and house that time; in 1988 I got my first job as DJ. Since 1989 I'm playing house, acid and techno. My musical background is still disco and black music also. I produced my first record in 1995 and released it in the same year on 909 music. Later I released on Loriz and Kurbel before I started my own label in 1999.

- A.: When did Lasergun emerge and why did you choose this particular name for your record label (does it symbolize something)?
- S.P.: I started Lasergun Records in 1999 and I chose the name because it sounds cool and everybody can keep it because it's a good name and it represents also the style of Lasergun which means spacy, funky disco / electro / techno music.

- A.: The first 17 Lasergun releases were dominated by well known artists such as Hakan Lidbo, Ural 13 Diktators, Lab Insect, Steril to name a few. For some time now, there are mainly newcomers. Can you tell us if there is a particular reason for that?
- S.P.: There is no special reason. Ural 13 and Steril were also newcomers when they did their 2 records on Lasergun. I prefer newcomers because they are fresher and I don't want businesspeople that make music only for money.

- A.: What about your collaboration with Gigolo; how did it start?
- S.P.: I knew DJ Hell for a long time and he was playing my records; he told me that I was releasing gigolo music on other labels so I gave him a demo and he liked it, that's all...

- A.: There is a trend lately of everyone moving in Germany, especially in Berlin. Apart from you, DJ Rush, Miss Kittin and recently Richie Hawtin are a few examples. What is so special about Berlin that most of the artists want to move there?
- S.P.: In Germany it's for me the only town I can live because it's inspiring, I know a lot of people here and I have lots of friends also. You can do whatever you want to any time you like. You can party everyday, you can go to bars whenever you like or you can do music or anything else. It's a very cool town with a good atmosphere, that's why a lot of DJs and producers like it.

- A.: What kind of music do you listen to when you want to relax at home and what do you do on a relaxing day?
- S.P.: Unfortunately I never have a relaxing day, the last years I never had a free weekend and when I'm in Berlin I like to be in my studio. At home I like to listen to soundtracks or 70s space music or I go to the cinema to relax.

- A.: We already know that you are interested in good films. Which films draw your attention lately, and is there anything else apart music and films that you are really interested in?
- S.P.: I was more into films a few years ago, now I'm not so interested in it because I saw everything and I don't like the new movies. I go only to see a new Coen Bros. movie or maybe a Tarantino. I specially like old science fiction like "thx1138", "Westworld", "Logans Run", "Fahrenheit 451", "Rollerball" or old movies with Paul Newman or Steve McQueen.

- A.: Have you got any plans in composing music for films?
- S.P.: I think not, I have to learn about notes and learn arrangements, then maybe.

- A.: At last what are the future plans for Lasergun as a label and yours as an individual?
- S.P.: There is no special plan about Lasergun... The sound will change; no more the 80s electro, more like acid or early techno I think. I will also create a new label, UFO, and I will release a few new EPs and a new album this year. At last, Lasergun Worldtour will start in July with Water Lilly, Mr Lovelace, Sneak Thief and other artists...
PanK, 14/06/2004

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