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France Techno Electro Alliance
Parties - Weetamix - Geneva (CH) - octobre 2001 

October line-ups of the best club in Geneva were as good as the previous ones of September. On Saturday 6th, resident DJ Luciano and the American artist Common Factor, producer on Planet-e and Paper Rec., both have done excellent pumpin' house (and sometimes techno) sets.
Next week, the Halle W was full of people to welcome, all night long (!), live performances by German producers Thomas Brinkmann and Markus Nicolaï. At the beginning of the party, the two artists mixed together their own loops and sounds to deliver a quiet, minimal and experimental set. Then, Markus Nicolaï played and sang, with a microphone in his hand, most of his pop / housy tracks. At last, Thomas Brinkmann ended the night with a live-act sounding techno, sometimes hard but efficient.
On Saturday 20th, women were in the place : Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien. Once again, many people came to listen to their techno / electro sets (German style of course !)... Behind the desks, both have done brilliant mixes with ease and a lot of enthusiasm.
Too bad the party planned on 27th has been cancelled. It should have welcome live performances by Antonelli Electr., The Modernist and Pop Up Unlimited but also DJ sets by Ralph H. Christoph and Superpitcher, what a line-up ! Hopefully it should take place another time and meanwhile, we'll have the opportunity to go to as interesting parties in the next weeks at Weetamix !
Ludo, 22/10/2001

Common Factor

Thomas Brinkmann

Markus Nicolaï

Miss Kittin

Ellen Allien