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Scape One Interview - World Electric / Transparent Sound 

Member of the Transparent Sound crew, English Kurt Baggaley aka Scapa One will reach your ears this month with the release of its "Simple Machines" EP on World Electric. As an ex Hip-Hop activist, this Sci-Fi lover relates main steps of his musical career started in the 90's...

- Atome : First of all Kurt, congratulations for the quality of your releases alone under Scape One name or teamed up with the Transparent crew. Over the last few months, you did various releases on Abstrackt Dance, Mass Transit or Release labels to name a few. How would you describe the music you create ? Where do you find this inspiration ?
- Scape One : I would describe it as Futuristic and forward thinking, electro is all about the future and discovering new visions. My inspirations come from many areas, I like to listen to sound effects in Sci-fi movies, but I also like to get influences from various types of music like old Disco and Funk and imagine what they would sound like if they were totally electronic - which is what the early pioneers of Electro were trying to do back in the 80's. I also like to study the many style of Electro from all over the world like the minimalist styles from Holland and Italy, the hard machine sounds from Miami, the driving pulse from the Detroit underground, the purist robotic rhythms from Germany and the synthetic funk from the UK !

- A. : Could you introduce yourself a little bit more ? When and how did you discover electronic music ? Why have you choose electro music to express yourself and why are you so attracted with electro ?
- S. O. : I live on the South Coast of England (near Brighton) I grey up listening to Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangelis and Space (who done Magic Fly) as well as Dub music such as Mad Proffessor and Scientist. Then in 1982 I heard 'Pac Jam' on the radio and something happened that I cannot describe in words very easily, but I haven't looked back since. In 1983 I appeared on BBC television's 'That's Life' TV programme doing robot dancing with a few friends - we danced to 'Planet Rock'. After this I turned my attention to body Popping and Break Dancing and the Hip Hop movement of the 80's, my name 'Scape One' was my Graffiti Tag. Also at this time (around 1984) I bought my first drum machine which was a Stix Soundmaster ST-305 which I'd love to find again, then I bought an 808 in 1986 for 250.I stayed with Hip Hop until about 1992 but realised I couldn't relate to it anymore, the fun had gone. I had always been into Electro during this time and I could see that a gap was forming between Hip Hop & Electro, I new which route to take - I followed my heart. The reason I like Electro is because it is pure, like liquid energy that travels down the veins of an android, it creates images of synthetic landscapes beyond your imagination, it shows a heart and soul that can be only created by the interface of humans with machines.

- A. : What is your musical background ? Who are you masters in music ? Who is the artist you never worked with and you'd like with ?
- S. O. : I have never had any music lessons - everything I do is self discovered, the 'Simple Machines' are my masters. My human studies are mainly of Electro artists, namely Maurice Starr (Jonzun Crew), Unknown DJ, Platinum Vibe's production (Capitol records) Logic System (Japan), Uncle Jamm's Army, David Storrs loads more. The golden dream would be to work with any member of Kraftwerk and to use the machines they used for the Computer World LP.

- A. : You have an upcoming "Simple Machines" EP on World Electric this month. This 12'' is simply brilliant. One of the tracks contains Blade Runner's samples. I know that you're a big SF fan. Which movies influenced your music ? Why ?
- S. O. : I love science fiction, I see a close link with Electro & SF with Robots, the future, space etc. The main films that influence me are Alien, Terminator, 2001, Blade Runner, Contact, The Matrix, Star Wars, Bicentinial Man, A.i: Artificial Intelligence. Most recently I have bought Final Fantasy on DVD which is absolutely amazing, you can watch it while listening to Electro, it's what Electro looks like. At the moment I am really looking forward to 'Minority Report' next year.

- A. : Which electro labels attract you ?
- S. O. : Out of the new school I listen to Scopex, SCSI, Mass Transit, World Electric, Electrix, Emoticon, PSI49Net, Electrolux, Frajile, Plasmek, Satamile, Clone, Serotonin, Pomelo, Direct Beat, Bunker, Gigolo, UR - basically all Electro Labels attract me, there are no Electro records I don't like - all are excellent! As for old school, my favourites are Techno Hop, Electrobeat, Freak Beat, CCL, Saturn, Sunnyview, Capitol, Arista, Streetwave, Cutting, Egyptian Empire, Jive, Profile.

- A. : Could you introduce the Transparent Sound crew ?
- S. O. : Transparent sound is myself, Orson Bramley, Martin Brown and Tim Harris, Orson is the leader of Transparent Sound the Label. I collaborate with them on various Transparent Sound projects, Scape One is just myself. We have had several releases out on several labels and done quite a few live gigs including Kiss FM.

- A. : What are your musical projects in the next few months ? In 2002 ?
- S. O. : After the 'Simple Machines EP' for World Electric there will be 'Okeechobie EP' on Mass Transit, also in December is a remix out of Rob Euroh's 'Reprogram' on Blue Juice records. In the new year there will be EPs on Emoticon and Electrix some more remix work. There will also be a follow up EP on World Electric and a collaboration with Bolz Bolz. And I'll be back in the studio with Transparent Sound.

- A. : How is the current electro scene in UK ?
- S. O. : There seems to be some growing interest in Electro at the moment, good things are happening, with 2 Lone Swordsmen starting Rotters Golf Club and creating the name 'Machine Funk' which I really like the sound of, and it's a good way to get a new generation to take notice. Also Billy Nasty has started the excellent Electrix label which a lot of non-electro DJs are playing. The good thing about Electro is that it appeals to people who like Breakbeat, Techno, Hip Hop and Electronica !

- A. : Few words for the electro worldwide community ?
- S. O. : Borrow from the past, steal from the future !
Nexus 6, 04/12/2001

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