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Cybernet Systems aka Bass Junkie interview 

This should be one of most crucial releases of the year ! Expected in april, "Robot Movement", the very first album from Phil Klein on Battle Trax, features all tracks already appeared and to come out under Cybernet Systems name project (Review will be out soon on Atome). No doubt, this compilation will satisfy Bass Junkie's fans, unfortunately frustrated of not being able to listen those classical tunes for a long while (most of those tracks are sold out). After more than fifteen years of a brilliant and exemplary electro career alongside with Scott Weiser (Dynamix II) on Joey Boy or Ed DMX from Breakin' records, incredible UK legend shows that he's still one of the leaders of this musical genre...

- Atome : First of all, congratulations for the high quality of your upcoming Cybernet Systems "Robot Movement" album. If you had to select one song that is the most representative of you, which one would it be and why ?
- Bass Junkie : I suppose it would have to be Robot Movement because I don't know of anyone who is making trax in that style.

- A. : How would you describe the whole album, your sound and the philosophy behind "Robot Movement" concept ?
- B. J. : A fascination with the Future.

- A. : In a perfect coherence, "Robot Movement" features tracks from the early 90's like classical "We are Borg" and unreleased material like brilliant "Circuitry". Old tracks still sound new. According to you, what is the secret of their longevity ?
- B. J. : Not many people were making Electro Bass like that in those days and not many are now, so I suppose it still has a freshness about it. Also a lot of people who are into that track didn't hear it until a lot later on and think of it as a new sound, so it still fits in with the newer trax.

- A. : Where do you find all this inspiration ? Are you a Sci-Fi movies lover ?
- B. J. : My inspiration is drawn from many different areas and Sci-Fi & Horror films are definitely one of them. They are a gold mine for samples and I've always heavily featured them in my trax. I suppose it goes back to my youth when I was a Horror film Junkie and watched practically everything available in this genre. I was always making notes of what bits from certain films would work in a piece of music.

- A. : What is the artistical line of Battle Trax, your own label started in 1997 ?

- A. : Many electro freaks, and I'm part of them, consider you as a legend. You started music at the end of the 80's. What was your musical background and main influences in that period ? Do you think the music you produced was ahead of its time ?
- B. J. : I'm heavily influenced by the Electro artists of the 80's. People like Dynamix II, Unknown DJ, Mantronik, The Glove, Dave Storrs, Pretty Tony, Man Parrish, Juan Atkins, Matrix, Chaos, World Class Wreckin' Cru, Egyptian Lover, Hashim, Arthur Baker, lots of Miami Bass Artists and of course Kraftwerk. I've always thought of Electro as a musical style that looks to the future for inspiration, thus giving it that feel that it's ahead of it's time and if my trax accomplish that I must be doing something right.

- A. : As Final Dream, Bass Junkie, Cybernet Systems or Battle Systems, the music you create sounds varied. Could you explain us or describe sound behind each pseudos ?
- B. J. : Final Dream is Dark Acidic Techno Electro (Horror films heavily influence this style). Bass Junkie is more retro Miami Bass style Electro (Funky) although this will now change as all the styles will be grouped together under this one name now. Cybernet Systems is geared more toward the Sci-Fi side of things (Future, Robots and Technology). Battle Systems was more of an experiment into harder industrial sounding trax and I'm considering doing an album of this stuff when I get some time.

- A. : Who is the artist you never worked with and you'd like to in the near future ?
- B. J. : Unknown DJ

- A. : What is the project you are the most proud of ?
- B. J. : Probably this one because it has taken so long to get it finally released and I'm really happy with the way it looks and sounds.

- A. : What is your favorite website ?

- A. : Few words for the electro community ?

- A. : Musical projects in 2002 ?
- B. J : Kronos Device album on Battle Trax, New Bass Junkie album on Breakin', various EP's From Kronos Device, Cybernet Systems, Bass Junkie. At last, remix of Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop as Bass Junkie due out on Breakin' 1st April 2002.
Nexus 6, 04/03/2002

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