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France Techno Forte Records
Valyom - Red Sector - Tech-nology 01 

For those who got a Commodre computer, C64 or Amiga, Red Sector name should remind many things because it was a well-known international crackers & demomakers group. And as expected, this release is strongly influenced by the sound of these old days: chiptune and .MOD modules. It is done by Filip Vandendriessche aka Valyom, a Belgium producer who was previously called DJ Valium and who already appeared on various labels like Teknotika, KK Traxx, Radar Music or also Gigolo Records... This EP brings three titles. "echo dreams" is a chiptune based on "Far Away" famous hit by Jimmy Summerville. "valyom" is a techno track including a sample coming from "The Final Frontier" movie, it has a dancefloor approach but with a quite softened sound. Finally, "242 compliment" is an electro techno EBM title made in the same way like old demo tunes and of course remembering Front 242. An audacious release from this new Danish label that should satisfy all computer music fans. Note that the "Red Sector" promo version includes a fourth tune, "transport-dx", which is a kind of reworks of modules by Kefrens & Sanity demomakers. Cool!
Ludo, 15/12/2003 12'' 80's / HI-NRG

Red Sector