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atome, centrale digitale
 Forte Records
Alpha 606 Computer Controlled Dopamine 01 

Since its creation in 1998, Dopamine, founded by Rey Rubio, Julio Hernandez and Marco Merino, only focused on underground parties organization. With "Computer Controlled", Miami based structure converts from now into a label welcoming for its first output Alpha 606 (Rey Rubio and Armando Martinez) productions. US duo reveals there in three cuts its immoderate taste for a dancefloor minimal electro of a high quality, at once percussive, futuristic, heading and fresh. If "The Way Of The Machine" with its Speak N' Spell samples a la Dopplereffekt enhanced by a depressive vocoder institute straightaway a gloomy atmosphere evolving into low frequencies, "Domino" combines with talent mechanical sounds and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Superb. On the flip, Phoenecia from Schematic offers a remarkable experimental rework of the first track in a deeper and more abstract way. At last, intensive "When The Sky Goes Black" and its dark strings propels the 12'' directly to the 2004 classic releases rank. Alpha 606, no doubt one of the moment most exciting band that will be featured soon on forthcoming Monotone for a promising remix of Exzakt's "Sleeping With The Enemy".
Nexus 6, 05/08/2004 12'' electro

Computer Controlled