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Umwelt - Post Humain EP - Satamile 28 

If the French electro artists are pretty rare, they're even fewer to export their stuff on foreign labels. This is a moreover reason to underline the wonderful performance of Freddy J, who, after having provided to Kommando 6 one of his best productions, appears today on the excellent US Satamile structure. In four cinematographic tracks, our artist located in the suburbs of Lyon delivers here a very personal 12'' clearly marked by dark and depressive universes. "P.O.W" opens the A side with a fast electro breakbeat rhythm raised by unhealthy analogical strings. Less dancefloor, "Biological Entity" serves a perfect beauty, based on some superb atmospheric arrangements and a deep melody. "Delinkant" on the flip offers a worrying vision of the future thanks to the use of skilfully orchestrated synthetic tonalities. At last, "Zeta Reticuli Incident" shows a classic piece founded on a treacherous bassline and lots of old school elements. What to cause great hopes for the forthcoming album!
Nexus 6, 19/09/2005 12'' electro

Post Humain EP