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Interzone Records Electro Alliance
Mulletronic Sexual Sewer Leak 01 

Discovered with "Eeyore" on the "Electro Commando 1 : Welcome To Psicity" (Psi49net 17) in 2002, Marko Kanala delivers today its very first EP on the young Finish label Sewer Leak. With "Sexual", the Nordic artist witnesses of his influences marked by Kraftwerk, the Amiga Demo scene, then Anthony Rother or Legowelt. Oscillating between chiptune sounds and old school electro, "Damn Sexual Self Lies" signs on A side a vibrating dancefloor piece enhanced by solid acid loops. Completely different is the successful "Something To Do". This brilliant track is focused on a mental music, punctuated with dark vocals and minimal sonorities. Rather disco with its outdated and efficient melodies, "Future Moment" offers on B side a beautiful use of the vocoder, in a Giorgio Moroder way. At last, in a home listening register, superb "Wisdom In 66" combines disturbing lyrics and retro pop synthesizer flights. Available in red limited edition, this 12'' gathers together eclecticism and 80's funny tones. An awesome work!
Nexus 6, 09/11/2005 12'' electro