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The Dexorcist The Wreknival EP SMB 16 

This new Dexorcist might surprise you! Rather known from his devastating electro bass works, Simon Brown (Control Tower, Battle Trax) signs with "The Wrecknival EP" the most amazing of the four 12's he published on French label SMB. Thanks to "Dirt Bag" on A side, the punk member of the DeadSilence Syndicate Band delivers an extraordinary 4/4 garage longplayer based upon old school rave layers to give goosepimples, tribal percussions, some heading lyrics and lots of well placed claps. A real dancefloor anthem, unstoppable and subtle at the same. The flip goes on in a quite similar register with "Blind Side", a nostalgic jewel made of controlled distortions and naive melodies, the whole enhanced by a frantic breakbeat rhythm a la The Bouncer early in the 1990's. At last, the UK artist returns on dark "Power Station" into his so characteristic syncopated style focused on industrial sounds, Sci-Fi elements and fearsome lyrics. Once again illustrated with talent by Perrine Arnaud, this EP combining visual and audio aesthetics is a complete success!
Nexus 6, 15/05/2006 12'' electro

The Wreknival EP