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Hydraulix Azz Klap EP Kuad 03 

Two years after the "Owner's Manual EP" release, Hydraulix strikes back on its own structure with three unreleased cuts of high quality. Featuring Rick Zarate aka Ash Rock (Cyberian Knights, DBI Breakz) and Jimi Merlo alias jimi The Genius (Tekmind, Touchin' Bass), the Florida based duo delivers on "Hydroz Have Landed" a fearsome electrocore composition made of industrial sonorities, stunning bass lines and futuristic vocoder. In a quite similar vein, "Super Bass" on the flip offers a digest of synthetic electro bass enhanced by a discrete Horror movie melody and some hip-hop lyrics. At last, in a harder register, "Distorted View" introduces a powerful intrusmental tune based upon a robotic rhythm, some metallic effects and lots of trancey strings. If you were willing to give to your electro sets a more dynamic way, Kuad's third output comes just at the right time! Vital.
Nexus 6, 17/05/2006 12'' electro

Azz Klap EP