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Electro CLUST Ri'li:s
Dark Vektor My Left Side Dona-Li 05 

After a series of four brilliant compilations, the Catalonian label Dona-Li presents the very first EP of his founder Ivan Arnau. Well known for his fruitful participation to the Sbles3plex project on Djax-Up Beats and FBI Recordings, the Spanish artist signs here two high quality electro cuts: first of all comes "Touch Tomorrow", an atmospheric beauty based upon serious European retro pop influences and Speak N' Spell samples. Then appears "El Dijous Al Faktoria", a contemplative jewel marked by rich synthesizer melodies, deep strings and painstaking vocoder. This track is moreover reassembled by UK producer Spinks (Buffalo Frequency) in an ultra dancefloor remix made of a feverish robotic rhythm, some lyrics a la Dopplerreffekt and a corrosive industrial touch. A funky, dark and mechanic EP, consequently essential!
Nexus 6, 06/06/2006 12'' electro

My Left Side