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V/A - Over The Counter Culture Vol.3 Spacebar Sentiments 03 

Third and unfortunately next to last episode from the mutant compilation series initiated by Jean-Paul Bondy on his own label. Bass Kittens (Mephisto, Spinyl Records, Pretension), associated to Single Cell Orchestra (Astralwerks, Asphodel, OMW), opens the hostilities on A side with "Morgasm", a brutal electro breaks cut combining perverse rhythmic, bass frequencies, Sci-Fi digressions and sharp scratches. When madness meets talent! In a deeper style, Trapezian Eric Estornel under his Mariel Ito electro moniker (SCSI-AV, Affected Music) signs on "My Modulation" a full of sounds cut marked by a superb vocoder and some ultra groovy strings. In a more peaceful register, Jeff Taylor's "Speunk" (World Electric, Toshiba EMI) introduces a remarkable downtempo experimental work to be compared with Soc's (Justin Maxwell) remix of "Silent Running" on Pretension 02. At last, Silicon Scally (Art Of Perception, Satamile) delivers on "Counter Point" an unhealthy and dark construction punctuated by discrete bleepy melodies. Do not miss this release which may be the best of the saga!!
Nexus 6, 07/06/2006 12'' electro

Over The Counter Culture Vol.3