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Sero Megamaid - X0X 04 

Published in highly limited quantitites, XOX releases are essential for two mainly reasons: first of all is the fact that each output introduces a fresh upcoming talent. As for example, Sektoid, Laite and Blastromen, famous unknow artists until they appear on the Finnish based structure. The second reason lies in the incredible quality of the tracks, turned at the same time into the past and the future. One year after the highly acclaimed "Robot Aggression EP" release, "Megamaid" introduces today Sero's (half of Sektoid) first solo project in a proper hallucinating old school electro exercice. Dancefloor robotic rhtythm, nostalgic 808, orchestral strings, funky lyrics and tearing straches, as much retro components reassembled with genius in this pur contemporary anthem. As for the remix, the version has been entrusted with care to Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie, a specialist whoose cover of Man parrish's legendary track "Hip Hop Be Bop" on Breakin' Records still remains in our memories. Battle Trax mastermind delivers once again a brilliant sound rework, focused on bass and full of references (Dynamix II, Afrika Bambaataa...). Don't miss this future classic!!!
Nexus 6, 12/06/2006 12'' electro