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DSP Speedwagon What Happened Trapez 61 

We discovered them under their Super Awesome Electro Friends Forever! amusing syncopated pseudo (Orson, Krack-tronik, Noodles Discothèque). With DSP Speedwagon, Justin Maxwell (Circus Company, True To Form) and Cynthia Bruyns set the basics of their new 4/4 project. Invited to sign the 61th release of Trapez, the brilliant Cologne based label managed by Riley Reinhold and Jacqueline Klein, the duo from Los Angeles delivers three hallucinating tech-house cuts to bring together with the musical line developed on John Tejada's Palette imprint. On A side, longplayer "What Happened" introduces a stirring minimal rhythm under an overbid of bleepy sounds including some bizarre lyrics. "Thunderthigs" goes on a similar register, evolving however into darker and unrestrained landscapes. At last, "Polish The Oscar", no doubt the most bubbling of the three tracks, offers an unstoppable dancefloor production made of hypnotic beats, acid loops, crispy tonalities and futuristic effects. Funny and deranged at the same time, a must have!
Nexus 6, 15/06/2006 12'' techno

What Happened