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Arne Weinberg - Doctrina EP - Affected Music 20 

Owner of AW Recordings, Arne Weinberg is also a prolific artist, author of a worthy discography on structures like Ground Zero, Propaganda, Down Low or even Technoir Audio. Well known for its stiring rhythmics and neat melodies, Frankfurt based producer signs today the latest Affected Music release with four eclectic cuts. If "Conspiracy" on A side delivers a strong 4/4 tribal construction reinforced by superb groovy layers, "Dark World", "Seductive Ruins" and "Invisible Eye" turn into a deep electro of high quality combining emotion, soul and Detroit influences. With a little nostalgic touch that makes all the difference. A wonderful synthetic sweetness all in all!
Nexus 6, 03/07/2006 12'' electro

Doctrina EP