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Interzone Records Sub Static
Isomer Transition - Shadowlands EP - Future Days 01 

The very first shot of this new UK label is a real success. Signed by a famous producer who wishes to remain enigmatic, "Shadowlands" introduces three cuts of a dark, tense and heavy techno with German sound influences. On A side, "Dark Star" delivers a strong 4/4 construction combining efficient percussions and hypnotic minimal strings. More atmospheric, "Heavy Water" offers a solid reverb work under a grumbling beat. At last, "Red Giant" concludes the 12'' on a deeper note, alternating noisy tonalities, heading pulses and choked melodies. Half way between Monolake, Headroom and regretted Christian Morgenstern productions.
Nexus 6, 06/07/2006 12'' techno

Shadowlands EP