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Mandroid Vs. Morphogenetic - Duality EP - Fundamental Bass Intelligence 03 

Dedicated to all the victims of 9/11, London bombings and the Iraqi conflict, the "Duality EP" is first of all a reflexion about the reasons why the world we know is on the point of disappearing. Descended from the ingenious combination between the owner of the label, US Santino Fernandez aka Morphogenetic (Dona-Li Records) and UK famous Adrian D. Rataj aka Mandroid (Breakin', Dominance Electricity), the third F.B.I Recordings release offers four cuts of unique emotion. The A side starts with "World Conflict", a melanchonlic masterpiece with obvious old school influences from the like of Mandroid. Heart-breaking 808, flights of vintage synthesisers and vocoder a la Newcleus give the tone of this conscious 12''. Following in a similar solemn register, Morphogenetic delivers with "They Walk Among Us" an ultra depressive construction based upon synthetic strings of high darkness and a sample of a video filmed during the Twin Towers attack. A tune to give goosepimples. Less tragic, the flip goes on a more funky note thanks to "Abstract Orange", written by the South Yorkshire based producer in a completely retro version. At last, "Alright", from the once Washington D.C., now Charlottesville located artist in Virginia US, concludes on an optimistic vision an EP called to conquer the dancefloors. The complementary association between both producers works perfectly. A vital release, deep and homogenic at the same!
Nexus 6, 10/07/2006 12'' electro

Duality EP