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Superstition catches attention celebrating its 10 years! 

The German techno label founded in Hamburg in 1993 decided to celebrate its 10 birthday with special events. First by releasing a CD compilation mixed by Mijk van Dijk: Decade - The Mix. 70 tracks computer-mixed in 73 minutes! (cf. our review). Then by organising a party on next October 25th in Hamburg : Decade - The Party. Two line-ups in two clubs with some of the Superstition team and with Poker Flat boss & artists. Finally by organising a big competition on its own web site where the first prize is the full Superstition catalogue (more than 220 records released between 1993 and 2003)!! For more info, simply check Superstition web site.
Ludo, 25/09/2003

Superstition Decade