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Electro CLUST Resonant Recordings
Scape One - Shockwave Rider EP - Pnuma 02 

After a first techno shot by French producers Lee Van Dowski & Quenum, the very young subdivision of legendary Dance Music platform Soma Records changes course. Giving Scape One (Iwari, Electrix, Tomorrow Records, Satamile) the opportunity to produce its second output, the experimental Glasgow located structure evolves into a more syncopated... read more
Nexus 6, 13/07/2006 12'' electro

Shockwave Rider EP
Data - Trop Laser EP - Ekler'O'Shock 09 

Data has to be compared with Kiko. Heir of the Daft Punk generation, promising David Guillon, a twenty-years old french Hip Hop DJ, introduces his long awaited first EP on Mathieu "Buzz l'Ekler" Gazier's Paris located label with a serious club hit and three unreleased cuts. Spread on the internet for nearly a year now, heading "J'aime Pas l'Art"... read more
Nexus 6, 12/07/2006 12'' techno

Trop Laser EP
Justin Maxwell - Pillow Filter - Pretension 05 

After the worrying "M-439 Class A EP", co-written with Limbertimbre, Justin Maxwell (Trapez, Palette, World electric) orchestrates solo the fifth sound assault of Pretension Records, the Californian label he manages along with Bass Kittens. Marrying robotic groove, carefull sound design and avant-gardism, "Pillow Filter" serves on A side a... read more
Nexus 6, 11/07/2006 12'' electro

Pillow Filter
Mandroid Vs. Morphogenetic - Duality EP - Fundamental Bass Intelligence 03 

Dedicated to all the victims of 9/11, London bombings and the Iraqi conflict, the "Duality EP" is first of all a reflexion about the reasons why the world we know is on the point of disappearing. Descended from the ingenious combination between the owner of the label, US Santino Fernandez aka Morphogenetic (Dona-Li Records) and UK famous Adrian D.... read more
Nexus 6, 10/07/2006 12'' electro

Duality EP
Isomer Transition - Shadowlands EP - Future Days 01 

The very first shot of this new UK label is a real success. Signed by a famous producer who wishes to remain enigmatic, "Shadowlands" introduces three cuts of a dark, tense and heavy techno with German sound influences. On A side, "Dark Star" delivers a strong 4/4 construction combining efficient percussions and hypnotic minimal strings. More... read more
Nexus 6, 06/07/2006 12'' techno

Shadowlands EP
Ed Devane - The Squirm EP - Touchin' Bass 21 

Revealed this year on Spacebar Sentiments 02 after a flash appearance along with Redmonk and Thatboytim in 2005 on Takeover Records 06, Irish Edward J. Devane signs today his very first EP on Touchin' Bass, setting out in four points his theory of sound chaos. "Giant Bassmantix" opens the A side on an amazing scaffolding of industrial layers and... read more
Nexus 6, 05/07/2006 12'' electro

The Squirm EP
Mariel Ito - My Cyborg Depths - SCSI-AV 19 

Published early in 2006 on Daz Quayle's excellent UK imprint, the first electro opus to date from Eric Estornel under his Mariel Ito moniker stays by far one of the year references. Displaying a whole audio weaponry, US producer, yet more used to 4/4 rhythms on Treibstoff or Iron Box, introduces in height tracks his unique savoir-faire in a matter... read more
Nexus 6, 04/07/2006 CD electro

My Cyborg Depths
Arne Weinberg - Doctrina EP - Affected Music 20 

Owner of AW Recordings, Arne Weinberg is also a prolific artist, author of a worthy discography on structures like Ground Zero, Propaganda, Down Low or even Technoir Audio. Well known for its stiring rhythmics and neat melodies, Frankfurt based producer signs today the latest Affected Music release with four eclectic cuts. If "Conspiracy" on A... read more
Nexus 6, 03/07/2006 12'' electro

Doctrina EP
Hek - Poppadom Preach - RSB 04 

Will Bleepcore have a future? The answer could be yes. Born from the fusion between techno minimal and techno bleepy, this new musical genre launched by the Birmingham based structure RSB finds in Hek alias Jon Hekkle one as of his best representatives. Located in Liverpool, the English young talent signs on A side a particularly hypnotic... read more
Nexus 6, 21/06/2006 12'' techno

Poppadom Preach
Life Project Random Chance Electrix Records 28 

Fourth release but almost all first appearance of Jay Pearce and Damo Foster out of their remarkable Affected Music structure. Gathered together by Billy Nasty on his own Electrix label, the UK duo pays tribute in a magnificent way to the Detroit sound with "Random Chance", a superb techno construction combining melancholic strings, lyrics a la... read more
Nexus 6, 20/06/2006 12'' techno

Random Chance
V/A - Hart Und Trocken Vol. 4 Ex-Fusion Records 04 

Another winner compilation from the Ex-Fusion camp. Like the previous releases, the Solingen based label has gathered together on a same 12'' four talents for a pumping rock'n roll techno result. On A side, Crazy X- Ray (Giant & Dwarf, Decomplex Audio), associated here with Dj Ogi (Holzplatten, Gad X-Cell) delivers on "Otok" a percussive cut based... read more
Nexus 6, 19/06/2006 12'' techno

Hart Und Trocken Vol. 4
DSP Speedwagon What Happened Trapez 61 

We discovered them under their Super Awesome Electro Friends Forever! amusing syncopated pseudo (Orson, Krack-tronik, Noodles Discothèque). With DSP Speedwagon, Justin Maxwell (Circus Company, True To Form) and Cynthia Bruyns set the basics of their new 4/4 project. Invited to sign the 61th release of Trapez, the brilliant Cologne based label... read more
Nexus 6, 15/06/2006 12'' techno

What Happened